The Importance of Hiring an Expert Area Rug Cleaner

It isn’t a secret that vacuuming and carpet cleaning are two very different things.
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It isn’t a secret that vacuuming and carpet cleaning are two very different things. While you should vacuum your rug on a regular basis (at least once every three or four months for large area rugs), Expert Area Rug Cleaning is extremely important.

Why should you have your area rug professionally cleaned? In this article, we’re going to talk about the importance of expert cleaning by discussing the benefits of a deep steam clean every twelve to eighteen months.

1. Longer Lifespan

By allowing professionals to keep your area rug clean and bacteria-free, you encourage a longer overall lifespan. Proper cleaning can add a number of months, and sometimes years, to the length of time your family (and guests) will be able to enjoy your gorgeous rug. Elegant area rugs are expensive. They take time, dedication, and fine craftsmanship to create. Rather than shelling out several thousand dollars for another quality area rug, hire a team of experts to maintain the one you have. You’ll be happy you did.

2. Cleaner Floors

Having your area rugs professionally cleaned regularly is a step forward when it comes to maintaining cleaner floors. You don’t want your guests to cringe when they take off their shoes. You want them to feel comfortable and confident in their socks (or bare feet). Area rugs can become gritty or uncomfortable when they aren’t properly cleaned – even if you vacuum often. Since your family members, friends, and neighbors will be enjoying your area rug, keep it soft with a deep clean.

3. Less Bacteria / Germs

There are far too many germs in Manhattan homes, even with professional cleaning. Keep your home cleaner than most by allowing experts to steam clean your rug. At 26 organic nyc, we take great pride in our ability to make your home safer and healthier for your family and your guests. Vacuuming can help eliminate dust, dirt, and grime. Steam cleaning can eliminate dangerous bacteria and germs. In the long run, this will help you save money (not to mention sanity).

 4. Saving Money

While we’re on the thread of saving money, having your area rug professionally cleaned can help you spend less cash in the long run. Steam cleaning may cost you a pretty penny (depending on the service provider you choose), but it’s nothing compared to the costs associated with buying new area rugs and paying hospital bills for illnesses caused by bacteria. Don’t spend less money now. Make an investment in your home.

5. Quality Interior Decorating

Manhattan homes are known for being chic, stylish, and classy. Whether you want to have a photographer create a spread or simply upload some photos of your own, your home will have a more elegant look when your area rugs have been steam cleaned and properly maintained.

If you are a fan of interior decorating, you’ll also want to think about how well your furniture matches your current area rug. Now imagine having to replace it with a new style or color. You may end up needing new furniture just to pull the look together. Don’t put yourself in this position. Have a professional keep your home in tip-top shape. Your area rugs will last longer and your guests will appreciate the view.

In addition to Expert Area Rug Cleaning, 26 organic nyc specializes in hardwood floors, tile and grout, furniture, mattress, and business cleaning. We can keep your entire home or company clean (and bacteria free) for a reasonable price.

Our tried-and-true method involves hot water extraction. This method removes the toughest, deepest dirt while being safe and gentle with your area rugs. Hot, soft water infused with a tough cleaning solution is injected into each rug. From there, suction removes dirt, allergens, the cleaning solution, and the vast majority of the moisture.

This method comes most recommended by carpet manufacturers and maintains the lifespan of your carpet longer than any other proposed method.

Carpet cleaning takes approximately twenty minutes per room, though the time can vary based on the amount of furniture that needs to be moved. The time spent, however, is nothing compared to the results gained. An “area” is a room up to three hundred square feet in size. For example, living room and dining room combos are considered two separate areas. Room sizes can vary based on location.

These are all reasons why you should choose 26 organic nyc for your area rug cleaning needs. To top it off, we don’t charge for moving furniture – and our teams are professionally trained to do so!

You can find answers to more frequently asked questions through our Expert Area Rug Cleaning page.

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